How Do I Take Part in the Course?

The courses will be running through an online classroom. This means you’ll be logging into that classroom on a regular basis, taking part in activities and discussions, all of which will teach you the skills you need to enhance your teaching.

You’ll be taking part in that classroom along with other lecturers, teachers, trainers and educators and you’ll also have a tutor who’ll be looking after the course. They’ll be doing the teaching, when needed, and will help you with any questions you have as you work through the material.

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How Does the Course Work? What’s my Commitment?

The courses are split up into regular daily activities. Don’t worry, that initially sounds like a lot, but they’re very short activities, only 20 to 30 minutes per day.

The reason we do it this way is that it builds momentum and allows you to work through the material in regular bite-sized chunks.

The activities are flexible and short, so this means you can do it whenever you have a chance throughout the day. If you work better in the early mornings, over breakfast, then that’s no problem at all. Or if you enjoy looking through the course in the evening on your tablet, that’s perfect too.

What if I Don’t Think I Can Fit it Into my Busy Schedule?

Everyone can find 30 minutes at some point in their day for something they think is important, no matter how busy their schedule. The format of our courses allows you to make a habit of checking in, learning something new, interacting with your peers and then moving on with the rest of your working life.

If you do miss a day, you can catch up on the next day – that’s no problem. Everything works best when you can fit it in on the day allocated, so it’s good to try and commit a short time each day to looking in. But, if you do find that doing two tasks every second day works best for you, then that’s fine too.

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Learning on these courses is a community effort, and you can learn as much from each other as from the content and the tutor. Years of research has shown that community learning is more effective than solo. You'll work through the content, get involved in the discussion and work together to grow our teaching practice.

An Example Course Schedule: 2 Week Duration

An Example Course

This example shows how a normal 2 week course would work.

This varies between courses – from 1 week to 4. It depends on the subject, but our motto is “short and comprehensive”. Busy people, like you, need value and succinct delivery, and that’s what we shoot for.

Daily or bi-daily activities keep regular learning and interaction going.

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