This page is intended to give you a little more information on the research I’m conducting around online learning and the courses offered on this website.  

Quick Summary: I would never do anything to jeapordise your privacy, and everything I record on the course will remain anonymous now and forever. Plus, I’m not looking at individual activity – it’s group trends as a whole – so, have no fear, I wont be analysing your performance!

The Details: First of all, please be assured that your privacy is paramount. My interest in these courses is around the method only, not the people learning. This means that I’ll be looking at how the group as a whole, engage with the courses I’m running, and at general trends of online learning. I have never, and will never, publish individual activity which takes place on the courses. I’m interested in grander trends – how people generally react to certain methods of learning, modes of learning, activity types, interaction tools, etc.

Your participation in the research I’m conducting is in no way required for you to take part in the courses. If you want to take the courses, but have your participation excluded from the data I’m looking at, that’s easy for me to do. If you don’t tick to agree to participation when you sign up for the course, I will remove you from the data logs that Moodle stores as standard.

Remember that everything, both on the signup form and in the courses, is optional. By agreeing to participate in the research you confirm that you’re happy with your feedback on the form, and your activity in the course being used for research purposes. Don’t worry though, your data will only be seen by the project team and will be totally anonymised, so nobody will be monitoring your individual performance.

Also, importantly, you can withdraw your participation in this whole thing at any time – please let me know if you wish to do so.

If you need to ask any questions of me, you can contact me at or through any of the methods below. And if you want to talk to someone else on the project, you can contact Suzy Prior at Suzy is one of my research supervisors.

Thanks for taking a look at this and I hope to see you on one of the courses!

Colin Gray – Online Education Researcher – @elearningcolin – 0131 208 1811