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The Podcasting Teacher: Using Podcasts for Learning

educational podcasting Podcasting is taking off in a huge way. They’re easy for your students to use, hugely flexible in where you can listen and build tonnes of learning engagement.

Dates: TBC – Register for Updates Format: 2 weeks, 30 minutes (any time) per day, group learning
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Perform Magic with Moodle: Enhance any Module

Building Moodle Modules Moodle is a growing learning platform, but it’s a tricky one to get right. This course helps you create usable, readable and great looking modules in no time.

Dates: TBC – Register for Updates Format: 1 Week, 30 Minutes (any time) per day, group learning
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Cloud Apps for Education: Save Time & Teach Easy

Cloud Computing Cloud apps are everywhere. Learn how they can make your teaching life much easier, and provide great ways for your students to work with you and each other.

Dates: TBC – Register for Updates Format: 1 week, 30 minutes (any time) per day, group learning
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